On the Job Trainee (for F&B)


Primary Responsibility and Accountability

      • Inspects tables in assigned station for cleanliness, serviceability and correct set-up.
      • Checks and, if necessary, replenishes side-station with sufficient equipment to ensure smooth service, within the station.
      • Arrange any buffet tables with clean linen and skirting.
      • Checks and cleans menus, beverage lists and other marketing paraphernalia.
      • Learn the menu.
      • Learn and practice the use of all equipment, tools and materials – linen, plate-ware, glassware, cutlery and other smallware used in the restaurant.
      • Learn and practice the various napkin folds used in the restaurant.
      • Learn and practice how to set up a table and re-set a table after use.
      • Learn and practice how to present different food and beverages according to the Restaurant’s standards to a guest and open the Restaurant in absence of the Team Leader.
      • Learn and practice the sequence of service.
      • Learn and practice which items are unavailable on the menu and which items have to be “pushed”.
      • Learn, practice and develop all basic skill requirements and procedures in becoming a Professional Food Server under the Company Standards.
        • Greeting, seating and accommodating the guests
        • Taking the order and serving the ordered items to guest
        • Exceeding guest expectations in servicing the standards
        • Pre-bussing, cleaning, re-arranging and setting up all dining areas
        • Re-stocking and accomplishment of opening, running and closing side works
        • Communicating with guests and team members while maintaining service objectives at all times
        • Cashiering and inventory procedures
        • Marketing promotional activities, products and services procedures
        • Basic Food Safety and Sanitation procedures


      • Learn, practice and develop basic Food Safety and Sanitation procedures.
      • Learn, practice and assist in the preparation of meals by chopping vegetables, meat, and other items for production before cooking.
      • Learn, practice and develop skills to be able to utilize a wide range of kitchen tools and utensils, include chopping knives and vegetable grinders.
      • Learn, practice and ensure that leftover food is stored properly
      • Learn, practice and develop performing kitchen maintenance tasks such as emptying the trash and washing dishes
      • Learn, practice and develop testing the temperature of food at specified intervals
      • Complete other tasks and responsibilities assigned

Although this role generally does not include any cooking duties, it provides the ideal opportunity to develop many other types of skills essential to becoming a chef.
Minimum Required Qualifications:

      • Physically fit
      • Practices good grooming at all times
      • Good communication skills
      • Flexible with time
      • Honest, determined and with pleasing personality

Basic Requirements:

    • Resume’ with passport size picture
    • Should be currently enrolled for the program. Photocopy of enrolled program required.
    • If under 18 years old, parent’s consent is required.
    • Referral letter from the School/University or Institution
    • Medical Certificate endorsed by the School/University/Institution or issued by the local government unit
    • Police or Barangay Clearance